We are Star Dust Called by the Universe


Oh my gosh, my heart and soul danced with delight while I watched this. Just feel into it –

Every atom in your body
Came from a star that exploded
You are all star dust
From a star that exploded (Neil Degrasse Tyson)

Imagine if we all re-membered our beginnings as stardust, if we all could connect with that divine spark from over 14 Billion years ago, if we could  see the magnificance of the universe contained within each of us. Imagine.

Find more: http://symphonyofscience.com/

Delight, Sheer Delight of a Day

What gave me great delight today?

• Tea brought to me in bed by my beloved.

• A morning and an afternoon snooze.

• Most of the day spent in the garden, hands in soil, sunshine gently warming body, soul and soil.

Delight nourishes every cell in my body. As a mentor of mine said, ” No pleasure, no treasure”. May your days be filled with pleasure and delight.

The importance of small acts

Original Artwork

Today is a day of small acts. I’m grounding and settling myself through the domestic routines of  laundry, tidying and sorting. Perhaps it is a daring, political act to value and enjoy these simple tasks. Our culture delights in creating dopamine fueled jolts of excitement, but if I don’t value the everyday, the ordinary, who will? May particles of love and blessings saturate all that I touch today.