Cloud Cult “You’re the only thing in your way”


Stretching ourselves, growing ourselves is hard work. But I am seeing the reward – the insight “I am the only thing in my way.” The lyrics in this song soothe my soul. May they sooth your soul, too.

“Breath, baby breath, until all is calm…you are the wind, the flood and the flame.”

Honouring the Child, Changing Ways of Teaching



Pamela Proctor is on tour again. This fall she will be travelling through the province talking with educators and parents of young children about her experience with innovative, flexible, child-centred approaches to learning.

In response to request from users of her first book  – Honouring the Child, Changing Ways of Teaching  – Pam recently produced a handbook for teachers and parents with practical information about setting up and implementing individual learning plans.

For me, Pam is a great role model. She is passionate about child-centred learning, believes in the value of her own experiences and committed herself to writing a book to share her experience and knowledge. I am grateful that she (and her husband John) are travelling the province to “spread the word”. The children will appreciate it too!

For more info on her book, check out

The Sweetness of Strawberries


I ate the first strawberry of the season today. Such sweetness. May I bring such sweetness to all the sore, achy places in myself and in the world.
And, as the juice dripped down my chin, my inner voice arose, “Take, eat, this is my body.” Sweetness as sacrament. Sweetness as that which nourishes all, generously, without end. Sweetness that calls me home to this body, this moment.

Taking a Break


I haven’t been posting much lately due to a lack of inspiration and focus. My energies are scattered. It is time to prune the tree of activity so that I can connect with what truly feeds me and identify what I actions I feel called to take. One the the branches that is being trimmed is the one called “Blogging”. Thank you for following me so far; I’ll let you know if I decide to start blogging again.

Blessings to all.

The Heart Break of Suicide

My stomach is in my mouth. I want to throw up. “X’s daughter swallowed a bottle of pills. She’s in the hospital. She attempted suicide,” my brother’s voice floats over the phone. Disbelief and shock arrive first, then compassion and tears. For X, for her daughter, for all those connected, for myself.

Events like this humble me, bringing me to my knees. I envision a world where all beings feel so deeply loved and valued that suicide and suicide attempts are but a distance memory, only referred to in stories around the fire. I dream of a world here the pain of being human in an imperfect world is balanced with a deep sense of joy and reverence for all of life. I breath in peace. I breath out love and forgiveness into the web of compassion that blankets the earth. Remembering that I am love, I breath in and out to bring lost souls and broken spirits back into the community of love and life.

So it is and so it shall be. Aho.