Watering the Seeds of Beauty

Restorying WEBSpring Equinox has arrived on the west coast with a heavy rainfall warning and I am delighted. The grey light is a sharp contrast to the  bright yellow of forsythia and the soft pinks of magnolia and cherry blossoms. This is a highly charged Equinox as it occurs at the same time as a New Super Moon and a Solar Eclipse. We are in the cosmic balance point that is crying to us to shed the our heavy coats and into Spring with new life and a fresh vision. It is the time to plant seeds in the moist, dark soil.

So I ask myself, what will I shed and what seeds will I plant? Winter was full of self-doubt and a sense of having lost my direction. So full of “I don’t know”. I would like to leave the self-doubt and confusion behind. Curiously, I find myself wanting to plant the seed of “I don’t know” and see what happens if I water it with love, patience and presence, rather than trying to figure things out or avoiding the inquiry all together.

Thank Goddess for the canvas, the portal to my soul’s wisdom. So I stand before a canvas, having painted a cosmos as a portal of possibility and I pose the question “How may I serve?” How may I serve the “I don’t know” of these times? How may I serve the planet, our beloved Pachamma? What is this calling to paint asking of me?

The answer surprises me. Receive. Learn to Receive. Receive deeply and honestly. What would happen if I learned to receive the beauty that surrounds me? If I learned to receive my own beauty? What if I started to water the seeds of beauty that lie hidden in the I don’t know? What would our world look like if we fully received each other and the beauty inherent in each day? I wonder.

So I wonder, what seeds will you plant, water and tend this Spring?

Navigating the Space Between Stories

Finding Her Way Margo HoweShe Who Guides the Way

If these are uncertain times, times of change, the “time between stories” in the words of author and speaker Charles Eisenstein, how do we find our way? This is the question I am quietly obsessing about.

The idea of the independent, isolated self is breaking down and we are moving into the time of the interdependent being and the mystery of the quantum self. Our economic systems are breaking down, our institutions are no longer venerated and old ways of relating to the stranger as “other than” are being challenged. Author and teacher Sandra Ingerman says that, from a Shamanic perspective, the planet and all of life is going through an initiation. We are being asked to shed or burn away our old identity and old ways of living that no longer serve us, all of life and the Earth. But how do we do this in a culture that has little or no understanding of initiation? What is the container for this burning away? Where do we stand while the old story dies and before a new story takes form?

She Who Guides the Way comes out of this questioning. Just over two years ago I began to paint, learning online with Shiloh Sophia McLeod and Cosmic Cowgirls University. Using Intentional Creativity, the canvas becomes a portal through which information can move. This information, for me, comes through images of the Sacred Feminine. She Who Guides the Way reminds me to draw on my inner compass, the compass of the heart’s knowing. And, to look to nature.

As I am beginning to understand, nature is leading the way in the changes that are a foot. Attuning to nature can protect me from over saturating myself with technology and data. The trees can remind me to stay rooted to the earth while drawing sustenance from the stars and the cosmos. The drops of rain, of tears, remind me to water the broken places inside me, in my community, and on this beautiful blue gem of a planet we call home.

Painting – inquiring, listening deeply to what wants to reveal itself – is one way that I am navigating this time of “inbetween”. What are you using to help you to move through this period of planetary change and transition?