Thoughts on Vulnerability and Courage

Brene Brown continues to inspire me with the tender, clear ways she expresses her experiences. In the post below she shares here experience of being personally attacked on comment boards. The tightwalk metaphor works well for me, as may days I am wobbling this way and that on the wholehearted living balance beam.

She writes,

“I’m writing this because I’m always asked how I became so strong and immune to the criticism. The answer is that I am strong, but I’m not immune. It hurts. Like hell. Even though I know that “it’s not about me” or “some people are projecting” – it still hurts. I’m human.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

1. When we stop caring what other people think we lose our capacity for connection. When we are defined by what people think we lose our willingness to be vulnerable.

2. When we close ourselves off to feedback we stop growing. When we open ourselves up to ongoing cruelty, we shut down to self-protect.”

for more: my blog – Ordinary Courage.

Free-Range Social Media

OK, so the blog is up, and I’m feeling nervous. I know I’ve seen comments on other people’s blogs that have been less than encouraging. I also would ask your forgiveness in advance for typos and grammatical errors. This is a blog, not a copy-edited book or thesis. I encourage you to follow the link to Brene Brown’s site that defines range-free social media. In summary:

  • Honour the vulnerability and courage it takes to put up a blog, and remember that there is a living, breathing human being behind it.
  • There is a fine line between inspiration and imitation. Give credit where credit is due. When a mistake is made, rectify it.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.