Cloud Cult “You’re the only thing in your way”


Stretching ourselves, growing ourselves is hard work. But I am seeing the reward – the insight “I am the only thing in my way.” The lyrics in this song soothe my soul. May they sooth your soul, too.

“Breath, baby breath, until all is calm…you are the wind, the flood and the flame.”

She Longs

CloudsShe longs to walk between the worlds

to taste the sweetness of desire

to listen to unspoken words

to hear what hasn’t been said

She longs to walk between the worlds

with a feather as her guide

to stand rooted in the knowing

that lies beyond the eyes

to witness shapes take form

as raven sweeps his wing

to rest as as dreams take flight

to simply stand in prayer

She longs to walk between the worlds

as the heart turns towards the stars

to see her life unfolding

to witness every precious strand

to meet the weavers of our days

and listen to their stories

as thread flows through their hands

She longs to walk between the worlds

and does, each moment that she can

slipping quietly away

to listen to the light

to glimpse the photons dancing

to lean into the wind

to breath and to remember

the life that lives within.