Sweet Pea Extravaganza on Solstice

Sweet Peas

The scent of sweetness

I am feeling called to pay attention to sweetness today, the day of the Strawberry Full Moon and the first day of summer.

A hummingbird, the one who stops to drink the sweet nectar of life, hovered over me as I gardened this morning. Then, the heady orange perfume of sweet peas flowed on the breeze towards me. This question lives in me: How can I bring this sweetness into my life? Not the teeth aching sweetness of saccharine or white sugar, but the life-giving, heart-opening liquid amber sweetness of honey. How can I move through my days feeling that life is delectable and delicious? Where might that lead? Will you join me?

The Sweetness of Strawberries


I ate the first strawberry of the season today. Such sweetness. May I bring such sweetness to all the sore, achy places in myself and in the world.
And, as the juice dripped down my chin, my inner voice arose, “Take, eat, this is my body.” Sweetness as sacrament. Sweetness as that which nourishes all, generously, without end. Sweetness that calls me home to this body, this moment.