As above, So below

Despite the rain and gloom today, I am feeling every so uplifted. I imagine that the rain is watering my soul, cleansing the earth, helping our hearts to open to the beauty of life. And then these images came to me. I am in love.
Galaxy-429 Nautilus

2 thoughts on “As above, So below

  1. Wow. This picture of the Milky Way is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. The similarity with the shell is also very cool. The fractal Drunvallo and others have talked about it. It runs all thru universal patterns. Very very cool.
    12-12-12 tomorrow. !!!!!

    • After years of seeing patterns repeat themselves throughout the Universe, and knowing of the Golden Mean, I am still in awe. And yes, 12-12-12, may all beings open to the waves of light and love that are coming our way.

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