You are the Light of the World

A poem by Paul Ferrini struck home after a challenging day yesterday where I was dancing with anger and resentment. My body wanted to hold on to an old pattern which revealed itself in muscle tension, headache and a sore back. Conversation, deep listening and tears revealed the truth of the situation. Too often I rush into support others while neglecting my own needs. I do have a deep, heart-felt desire to help others. But my body was telling me to stop, look inside, find my light and shine it on myself. Later, while falling asleep, something shifted. Deep relief as I found myself holding myself with love and tenderness. I am worthy of support. My needs are important. And not only that, but I found a place inside that said, “life takes great delight in meeting your needs; life is longing to support you. Take the time to listen and rejoice.”,

Looking after our own needs can be so difficult, but it is vital not just to our own health, but to the health of our society and our world. Please, take the time to nourish and support yourself. Then, offer your light from the fullness of your being.

You are the light of the world,
but you do not know it
because you have not looked deeply enough into your own heart.
Take a moment to look.
Take a moment to find the light
that dances in dark night within.
See those deep colors penetrating the clouds, the hands of light reaching to the horizon.  Until you can see the light in yourself
you cannot bring it to the world.

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