Steadfast Care

Steadfast (adjective) –  constant, firm, unwavering

How can I be steadfast in my care for the earth, for life, when I am being tossed in the surf of the everyday?

One of my daily practices that is to send loving kindness out into the world, into the multiverse. Some days I wonder if my effort makes any difference; I may never know. What I do know is that the act of settling into my body, my heart, my breath, the breath that breaths me, and extending appreciation and compassion makes a difference to me. It matters to me, and that is enough. That is when I can touch the place in me that is unwavering in her commitment to stand with and for life.

Also, at each full moon I participate in The Global Coherence Initative’s global care focus. By logging into the Global Care Room  you can participate in a global community of heart-centred care and intention to shift the global energy from discord to coherence. You can access the Global Care Room here. What I find particularly powerful is that when you log in, an image of Earth appears, showing lights indicating who else around the world is logged in. I thought I’d share with you what they wrote for this month’s care focus

“No love is ever wasted. At times it can seem that our outgoing love and care focus to different

areas or issues isn’t making an obvious difference: the civil war in Syria continues to rage,

the standoff with Iran on nuclear development continues, the war in Afghanistan has been inflamed

by cultural insensitivities and burning of the Quran. It’s essential that we stay steadfast in creating

a heart-field environment around these issues. 

These situations may have been worse without the collective love, care and compassion

being sent to them by people all over the planet. The important thing now is to remain

vigilant in our compassionate care. There is progress to appreciate as well.

For example, it appears that the new leadership in Korea is moving toward peace,

stopping nuclear development in exchange for food. It’s important to also send appreciation to all areas of progress.

Let this March Care Focus be one of renewed commitment and steadfast care, regardless of

the ebbs and flows in outcomes – or modulations during the process.”

Maybe I’ll see your light shining on Thursday night.

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