The Economics of Happiness

“People and the Planet before Profits” has been a statement that strongly resonated with me. After seeing Helena Norberg-Hodge in the movie the Economics of Happiness I realize that “People and the Planet before Corporate Subsidies” is a much more accurate statement. Helena Norberg-Hodge succinctly outlines the devastating effects of globalization and the “drone economy” on people, the planet, and ultimately our happiness.

Her solution, based on what is emerging around the world, is localization. Connection, community, biodiversity and happiness all increase with localization,

In the small town where I live, there are a delicious number of initiatives happening in our local food economy. Young people are taking up farming, and viable Community Supported Agriculture is developing. Oh how I am looking forward to the beginning of farm gate sales and farmers’ markets. (Right now I am in competition with deer for my garden greens.) Get this: at farmers’ markets we have ten times the number conversations that we have on a trip to the supermarket.

Check out her TEDx Talk – after seeing it, and the movie The Economics of Happiness, I experienced a sense of validation of what I intuitively know and value. Local matters. Connection matters. I matter. You matter.

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